Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vol. II

BBQ Booking is proud to announce our second live ritual, entitled The Night of the Witch!.

Perfectly bridging doom, drone, noise and black metal, Norway's ALTAAR is ready to bring its signature and much-celebrated live rituals to New York City for the first time ever on March 12. Fans of Sunn O))), Ulver and Thrones take note. Black metal has never sounded more grim.

In addition, New York City's very own Occultation will join forces with the Norwegians to help create a ritual unlike anything you have ever experienced. One listen to their debut demo, Somber Dawn, will no doubt take you away from this plane and into dimensions you did not know exist. Rounding out the bill is another Norwegian group: Deathcrush. The band's name isn't just a tribute to the landmark EP of the same name, but a statement to those who question black metal's artistry. The Oslo-based trio takes elements of noise punk, no-wave and all-around insanity to create an unforgettable live performance. BBQ Booking is honored to be in league with the unholy trio of these three groups.

Once again, illustrator Dilek Baykara has offered her services to create the flyer. View her ever-expanding portfolio here. Ave.

57 Waterbury Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11206
$8 / 9PM 
"...dancing shadows in the dark..."

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