Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vol. III

For the past 11 years, Germany's unholy thrash union Nocturnal (Deathstrike Records) have been desecrating Europe with its sinister brand of blackened speed metal. On May 25th, BBQ Booking is honored to join forces with the Teutonic terrorists for a night of Unholy Blasphemies, together with southern California's blackened thrashers Witchaven. The two bands will be performing at the coveted Maryland Deathfest, which kicks off the next day, so this is one gathering you won't want to miss as you'll see full sets from both. Rounding out this already powerful bill are two of New York City's prized—and often overlooked—gems: sleazy death/thrashers Villains (Nuclear War Now! Productions) and blackened thrash power-trio Syphilitic Lust.

Once again, illustrator Dilek Baykara designed the flyer you see above. Hails!

327 Bowery
New York, NY, 11206
$10 / 8PM
"...around the corner, the speed commando awaits you..."

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